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Top 20 sad RomComs

Top 20 sad RomComsTop 20 sad RomComs.  Sad romantic comedies, referred to as romcoms, combine elements of romance, comedy and drama to offer a mix of laughter and tears. They usually get more serious towards the end to really get you into the film.

But what’s happened to RomComs?  Why are they so “cheezy” nowadays?  It’s like they’ve ran out of good ideas and just throw in a load of cheeze to make up for it.

Here’s our list of 20 sad romcom movies that have touched audiences’ hearts over the years – and are not the usual run-of-the-mill modern cheeze!  🙂

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Top 20 Sad films

Top 20 Sad filmsTop 20 Sad films… creating a definitive list of the top 20 sad films is subjective and can vary greatly depending on personal preferences.

Why do people enjoy sad films?  Mainly for 2 reasons… realism, and involvement.

Sadness enhances a perceived reality and increases a sense of involvement, leading viewers to enjoy a sad film more than usual.

Here are our choices of the top 20 emotionally impactful and often regarded as sad films from different genres and eras:

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Our Top 100 breakup movies

Top 100 Break-up MoviesWho doesn’t love a great break-up movie? Here’s our choice of the top 100 breakup movies across various genres that you can get lost in.

Going through a breakup can be tough and affects us all in different ways and sometimes watching movies that resonate with your emotions can provide a sense of solace or distraction.

Losing yourself in a good breakup movie can often help you come to terms with your own current circumstances.


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A quick update about your online safety

online safety at all the potential dangers online (and offline), we feel this might be a good time for a quick reminder about your personal safety, both on our site and on the internet generally.

We set up dreamdateuk to be a safe, friendly site. On our site, we implement a 100% zero-tolerance
policy on all hate speech and offensive behaviours but even with that in place, we would recommend
that you avoid using your real name, avoid posting any of your personal data such as exact date of birth,  full postcode, addresses or phone numbers etc.

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Our Dating Categories

dreamdateuk dating categories

One site – Eight categories – for all types of people and genders!

Female, Male, Androgynous, Asexual, Gender fluid, Non binary, Trans Man, Trans Woman… whatever your gender, you are not left out on our site, we provide for all genders!

Many dating sites still have only 2 genders; male or female but times have changed. Orientation is given much more value than it’s ever had yet still the sites that ‘should’ be at the front of this change are sadly still at the back of the queue!

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We are

We can also be found at and – it’s all us!

We are an hype and ad free, affordable online dating site with a fantastic free level of access that allows you to join, search and chat to any other member, absolutely free with no limits!

We had used dating sites before and found them to be full of fake profiles (many still are) and very expensive with never ending monthly subscriptions. We wanted to change that!

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DreamDateUK - Free UK datingIts nearly time for covid restrictions to finally go away and we can all get back to some normality. So now is the time to start getting back on the dating sites. And why ours? …

Because its free to join (like they all say) and its free to search (like they all say) but ours is also free to message and chat with no restrictions at all!! (which hardly any others say). Yes, the basic contact requirements are totally free!! No hidden costs, no gimmicks, no tricks, no fake profiles, and not even any ads!

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dreamdateukHello and Welcome to dreamdateuk. We went live on 25th October 2020 and we started this website with zero members. Yes, that’s correct… no members at all. (Just like Facebook did).

Others said we would flop in weeks, others said we were crazy, but how else could a brand new membership site start?

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Tips for a Memorable Date

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with novel and interesting first date ideas. To help you out, we asked our expert associates for their ideas. Here we give you some tips for your first date and how you can make your first date memorable.

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