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dreamdateuk dating categories

One site – Eight categories – for all types of people and genders!

Female, Male, Androgynous, Asexual, Gender fluid, Non binary, Trans Man, Trans Woman… whatever your gender, you are not left out on our site, we provide for all genders!

Many dating sites still have only 2 genders; male or female but times have changed. Orientation is given much more value than it’s ever had yet still the sites that ‘should’ be at the front of this change are sadly still at the back of the queue!

Not at dreamdateuk

We provide the necessary fields for all genders and orientations plus the space to add another if any particular one is not listed.

Here’s the dating categories we provide?

All are for just the UK

SINGLES (the blue one)

For all singles in the UK. Age is irrelevant but being single is. (we have another category if you are not single!). All people joining the singles category sign to agree that they are single and in an effort to maintain the true values of the category, if we find that any particular member is not ‘single’, they will be removed.

MATURE (the gold one)

As the name suggests, this category is for all mature people. But what is a mature person? Good question!

It’s all relevant we think. Eighteen year olds think people in their 30’s are old – My grandad would say 30 year olds were just whippersnappers!

While the age aspect is age relevant the whole point of age is irrelevant. This site is for mature people AND their admirers. Many young people fancy older ones and vice versa and they are all welcome on here. If you are a young person looking for an older one, this is your category.

CUDDLY (the pink one)

For all plus size people and their admirers. Again, any age or size fits here as there is always someone who wants to meet a lovely large person and vice versa. Opposites attract and many couples are little and large and we think that’s a great match and a fantastic way to live a life!┬á ­čÖé

Either way, this category is based around plus size people and anyone who fancies them. How do you know if you are plus size? If you know you’re large, this category is for you. If you ‘think’ you are large, this is the category for you!

BLACK (the purple one)

I know my roots and I’m proud of them. Born in Natal, Sth Africa, I’m proud to be black and I don’t care for anyone who tells me I’m not and here at dreamdateuk, we know that people who are looking for a sexy black woman or man will be looking to see the word ‘black’ in their search… if it says black, you know you’re in the right place and you know you’re gonna find what you’re looking for.┬áRegardless of colour, if you are looking for a sexy black man or black woman, this is your category.

GAY (the turquoise one)

The category for all gay and bisexual men (and their admirers) and any variation of that orientation. This is also the place to find trans men, cucks, doms and masters etc. and any other orientation based around males. Not sure if you are gay? This is the category for you. Not sure about your full male orientation? This is your site. We provide entries for full gay men, tops, bottoms, post op trans, bi curious men, sub/cis/slave, doms, tv/ts/cd, and any variation of couple.

LESBIAN (the orange one)

As the name says, this category is for all lesbian women (and their admirers). Being lesbian, like gay men, can be a complicated process for many women and some find themselves in a moment where they are not sure even if they are lesbian. If this is you, this is your category. There’s only one way to find out

We offer a full range of orientations including: Alpha, Baby, Boy-Babe, Butch, Chapstick, Diesel, Lipstick, Soft Butch, Sporty, Femme, Ultra Femme, Tourist and Cottage.

PETLOVERS (the green one)

As it says, Sometimes, only another pet lover will do! This category is for people with pets and who are looking for someone who also has pets or at least also loves pets. Pet lovers are caring people who love their animals and other pet lovers know this… it’s already a good start! Pet lovers match well with other pet lovers and if you have pets and are looking for someone similar, this is your category.

NAUGHTY (the red one)

For casual, sexual connections and relationships. Same as all the other categories, it’s genuinely 100% free to join, search and chat to all members with no restrictions or limits!┬á This site contains adult images which may offend some people. You can not access this site without agreeing to the conditions on the entry page.

Again, we offer a big range of gender and orientation variations for all types including: Male and female, Gay/bi, Lesbian,  Trans Woman, Trans man, TV/CD, Pangender, Couple MF, Couple FF, Couple MM and Other to account for all different tastes.

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