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Funny jokes – The woman assassin

Funny jokes about womenThe CIA had an opening for an assassin and after all the background checks, interviews and testing were done, there were just three finalists left: two men and a woman.

For the final test, the CIA agents took the finalists through a large metal door and said they had just one last task.

We must know that you will follow instructions explicitly, no matter what said the leader. They all agreed that they would and they were each sent into another room.

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Funny pickup lines at… Dad jokes are a magnificent thing, but Cheesy pickup lines are even better and still ‘a thing’ – and the cheesier, the better!

We’ve put together our top choices to help you along in your next date. Go on…  just try one, we dare you!  Actually, its a fact that both men and women like to laugh and these will certainly make that happen! (all possible legal disclaimers apply).

Here’s our top favourites…

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DreamDateUK - Free UK datingIts nearly time for covid restrictions to finally go away and we can all get back to some normality. So now is the time to start getting back on the dating sites. And why ours? …

Because its free to join (like they all say) and its free to search (like they all say) but ours is also free to message and chat with no restrictions at all!! (which hardly any others say). Yes, the basic contact requirements are totally free!! No hidden costs, no gimmicks, no tricks, no fake profiles, and not even any ads!

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Staying safe when dating

dating safetyOnline dating is a great way to meet potential partners. In fact nowadays,  most people find their partners in this way.

There are however, a few advisory recommendations that we would like you to consider before getting into any situation online.

These include the following:

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101 Dating Tips dating tipsDating can be great fun!  It’s good for our mental state, it’s good for our health, it’s good for us all round, but still many people get it wrong on so many levels and spoil what could have otherwise been a great moment.

When dating, we should of course be careful and safety conscious, but above all, we just need to be ourselves.  Be real!

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LGBTQ+ proud, we offer genuinely free online dating in the UK for all gay men and their admirers.

Top, bottom, dom, sub, sissy, CD, TV, Bi?? It doesn’t matter, at its free to join and chat with no limits or restrictions. Try us and see for yourself.

Genuinely Free online dating. Join and chat with any other member – totally free and with no limits! Eight different categories for all types of people and all genders. Try us and see for yourself!