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What makes DreamDateUK different?

Why should you join this site?

We should say: ‘Why you should join this site!’

We break the current format of online dating sites.

We are a dating site for our members… not for our membership numbers!

We offer genuine ‘join for free’ access. It is totally free to join DreamDateUK and as a member, you have unlimited contact and replying access to all other members.

We also offer ‘full membership’ which includes unrestricted, unlimited access to every feature on site for just £30 per year!

We do not lead you into joining the site during the search process!

The first thing you want to do when visiting a new dating site is to see who’s on the site.
The problem with nearly all dating sites is that you are unwittingly lead into joining up… just to see who was online!

All this does is leave you with an account you will probably never use again and the site with yet another account that will misleadingly boost membership numbers.

We raise the safety of your personal details to a new level.

We do not insist on holding any of your personal details.  We don’t even ask for your real name.  The only details we need are the basic minimum requirements to verify your membership…  Your email address, date of birth and just half of your postcode. Nobody can do anything with these basic details even if they had them!

We recommend you do not use your real name on the site.  You can give as much or as little personal information in your profile content, but we recommend that most of your real personal details should not be used.

We do not hold any of your financial details.   We leave that to PayPal, one of the safest sites online!