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DreamDateUK is a UK based online dating service.

Among the many features we offer, there are three which set us apart from all our contemporaries…

1. Memberships costs

At DreamDateUK you will only ever make one affordable payment per year. (Free offers accepted). There are no ongoing charges no buying extra credits and no upgrades needed.  If you are a member, you will have full, unlimited, unrestricted access to every site feature.

2. No fake profiles

At DreamDateUK, we guarantee that there are no fake profiles!

We can’t guarantee that every members profile details are true and genuine but we can guarantee that every single member has registered via the sign-up page on this site.

None of our members have been purchased, made up or imported from other sites!

We are proud to say that DreamDateUK opened with zero members! How could it genuinely be any other way?

3. Site transparency

At DreamDateUK, we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity.

We strive to provide as many member details as possible and guarantee that the details we provide are genuine and true.

Our dating categories

Our current site (December 2015) provides 8 different dating categories that you may wish to join.  These include:

Singles Dating: This is dating for young (at heart) unattached singles.

Mature Dating: This category is intended for more mature (in mind) people.

Cuddly Dating: As the name suggests, this category is for plus size people and their admirers.

Black Dating: After many requests, this category is for those with dark skin regardless of race.

Gay Dating: As the name suggests, this category is just for men.

Lesbian Dating: And likewise, this category is just for women.

Pet Lovers Dating: This category is for pet owners who wish to meet other like-minded pet owners.

Naughty Dating: This category is for those looking for casual, no commitment relationships.

All our members have full unrestricted access!

Becoming a member is simple… There are two routes to joing up to any of the categories; Go directly to the main homepage or if you already know the category(s) you want to join, go directly to that category(s) homepage.

At DreamDateuk, we don’t offer ‘join for free’ access and then restrict your membership when you get on the site!  What would be the point of that?  What use is restricted access to anyone?

Have you ever been on a dating site and messaged someone only to find that they never replied?  Chances are, this is probably because of their limited ‘join for free’ membership level which probably prevents them from replying… we think that is rubbish!

There are just two levels of access at DreamDateUK…

Non-Member access

This allows you to do as many searches as you wish to see who lives near you or to see all the different people we have on site but as a non-member, you can’t access any of these people until you join. This protects our existing members.

Member access

This is for our members.  Whether the membership was free or paid is irrelevant; if you are a member of DreamDateUK, you have full, unrestricted and unlimited access to all features available on the site without any limits.

At DreamDateUK we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity.  We also firmly believe in online safety both for ourselves and our members and do our very best to protect all our members from dishonest and decietful intentions, spam and any other unwanted attention.

For a full description of all the benefits we provide to our members, see our Customer Charter.

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