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DreamDateUK FAQDreamDateUK FAQ

What is DreamDateUK?

DreamDateUK is a UK based online dating site which offers genuinely free access to the site at a basic level. There are no fake profiles guaranteed and no unethical offers such as the ‘Join for free’ trick.

What does DreamDateUK offer?

We currently offer 8 dating categories including:

Singles dating
Mature dating
Cuddly dating
Black dating
Gay dating
Lesbian dating
Pet lovers dating
Naughty dating

We offer all the facilities that any other online dating site offers but for a fraction of the price.

How much does it cost to join

Full unlimited access to all areas costs just £30 per year! (@ May 2019)

What are the membership levels?

There is only one membership level: Member!

It’s up to you to decide if you want to purchase any of the premium features but these are not necessary to use the site and contact other members.

Why should you choose DreamDateUK?

Because apart from the many features on the site, we offer two main advantages to our members that set us apart from all other dating sites.

Our Cost

We charge the minimum amount possible in order to provide a fully featured dating service and keep the site maintained.

At DreamDateUK you will only ever make one affordable payment per year for full, unlimited access to all features on the site. If you choose this option, currently set at just £30 (May 2019) there are no ongoing charges no buying extra credits and no upgrades needed.

Full unlimited access to all areas costs just £30 per year! (May 2019)

The one-off yearly admin fee will allow us to keep your account details safe, protect you from spam, answer any questions you may have and generally manage your account.

What is Free?

Basic access to the site is genuinely free. We are one of the very first main-stream dating sites to offer genuine free access which allows unlimited contact access. Yes, you can contact any other member. Yes, you can reply to any messages received. There are no limitations!

Our Honesty

There have been many issues in recent years with many online dating sites regarding all manner of questionable practices including being duped into signing up just to search profiles, ridiculously high monthly costs, fake profiles and the common scam of being advertised as ‘join for free!’. Yes, technically it may not cost anything to join, but you can’t actually do anything once you have ‘joined for free’ and we think that’s a scam!

DreamDateUK was set up primarily with these issues in mind.

As a guest visitor to our site, you can do as many searches as you want with no limits. The search results will not be limited to one page, or to any specific number just because you are not a member. All members that match your search criteria will appear in your search results.

Further, we do not dupe you into signing up as a member in order to do this search. Searching on DreamDateUK is genuinely free.  Of course, you can’t access existing member profiles until you become a member. This protects our existing members.

At DreamDateUK, when we say ‘Join for free!’ that is exactly what you can do, and have full contact access to all other members.

On our site, we give you genuine information about our members. We tell you how many members there currently are on the site, we tell you the date a member joined and more importantly, the date they last logged on.

When an existing DreamDateUK member has not renewed an annual membership, we remove that profile from the search results.  All members that are displayed in search results are current active members – with full access to the site.

All members can send and receive unlimited messages between each other with no restrictions.

We can guarantee that every member on our site joined via our own registration page and that there are no fake profiles on the site.

By fake profiles we mean profiles that have been purchased from profile brokers, profiles that have been automatically or manually generated, profiles that have been transferred from other sites, profiles that have been hired, profiles that do not belong to real genuine people and profiles that are on the site but the person that the profile relates to has no knowledge of it.

DreamDateUK opened with zero members!  (Just like Facebook did).  How could it genuinely be any other way?  We populated our site with free memberships.

We also promise that we will never sell any of our members details to any other sites, as is commonly done nowadays.

Apart from our costs and honesty, there are many other reasons why you should choose us and these include the safety measures we implement.

What safety features are there?

We have your safety on our priority list.  When you join, you don’t have to give give any of your personal details. We don’t ask for them and we recommend you don’t use them.

You do have to provide your date of birth for age validation and that is all.  We don’t even ask for your name.  All you need to join is a username, an email address (to receive your login details), your date of birth, gender, city and your postcode.

Will I have to complete loads of questions before I can join?

No!  Joining takes about one minute to complete and at that point, you are straight into the members area.  We don’t even ask you to create a profile or upload a profile picture.  We understand that sometimes, you just want to join and get right into searching. We provide that feature and feel it is your choice to upload pictures when you are ready to.

Does DreamDateUK handle my financial details?

No!  We do not handle, or hold any of your financial details.  All membership fees are paid via PayPal and stay in PayPal.

Will I really get unrestricted access if I join?

Yes! When you become a member, you will have unrestricted access to all other members. As a free member there may be some premium features that are not available such as being able to see who viewed your profile but you will always have the ability to contact and respond to messages from any other member!

We don’t offer ‘join for free’ access and then restrict your membership when you get on the site! What is the point of that?  Have you ever been on a dating site and messaged someone only to find that they never reply to you?  This is probably because of their limited ‘join for free’ membership level which prevents them from replying!

At DreamDateUK, we have just two levels of site access; Non-member access and Member access:

Non-Member access does not allow you into the members area at all but it allows you to do a basic search based on the postcode or location you enter to see who lives near you or to see all the different people we have on site.

Member access is for people who have joined. Whether the membership was free or paid is irrelevant; if you are a member, you will have full, unrestricted and unlimited access to contact all other members. – Genuine online dating!